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Take A Voyage Round Your Zoom is one part of my final major project: STAY-Cation, which looked at holidaying at home in 2021 due to the lack of travel. I created 3, 16 page zines that stemmed from 3 different photoshoots. 

Take A Voyage was inspired by Xavier de Maistre’s book; A Voyage Round My Room. I looked at utilising Zoom backgrounds and my bedroom furniture to help replicate holidays. I styled myself as if I were at each location: a beach, a hiking trail, a city and a colder region 🗺 Each background is collaged and is a mixture of different places so it gives some ambiguity to the actual place. These images also represent the isolation we have all dealt with being in our rooms throughout the various lockdowns. This zine (on the last slide) acts as a sort of ‘how to’ guide where I created little visuals to help guide the reader to take their own voyage🛩

Art Direction, Styling, Photography and Zoom backgrounds, all by Oona Jennifer Vaughan 🌟

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